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Moving day made easy

Moving into a new home is a fun and exciting chapter in your life. It means a fresh start. It also means a lot of hard work and we want to help by taking care of the cleaning. After all, SUNFLOWER CLEANING SERVICES of Regina knows that when it comes to moving, there is more than enough to keep you busy without worrying about cleaning. This is why we provide move in & move out cleaning services.

Let SUNFLOWER CLEANING SERVICES of Regina handle the cleaning after a long day of packing or unpacking. Give yourself a break. You've definitely earned it after all the adulting you just did. And we can help with that by going through a home to sweep up dust in the corners, wipe up scuffs on the baseboards, and make sure counter tops, showers and toilets are sanitized. Whether you're moving into your dream home, or saying goodbye to one you've outgrown, a little cleaning from SUNFLOWER CLEANING SERVICES goes a long way.


With SUNFLOWER CLEANING SERVICES of Regina, you can step into your new home and relax, knowing all cleaning is well taken care of.

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